Family Formation - Grades 1-6


Children and Parents Grades 1-6

Family Formation is a family-based catechetical program that helps families grow in the transforming love of God by understanding and living the Catholic Faith. The program runs from September to May and consists of one Faith Formation Night at the parish that parents and children attend the first Wednesday of each month followed by three at-home lessons that the family does together at home the following three weeks of each month.

Registration for 2022 - 2023 is CLOSED!

Deadline for registration was July 14, 2022. Materials have been ordered.

Calendar 2022-23

First Sacraments: Reconciliation & First Communion

  • In addition to participating in the Family Formation program, children seeking First Sacraments will purchase a Home Lesson Workbook for First Reconciliation and First Communion, which include weekly lessons to do with a parent at home, and take 15-20 minutes to complete. If you have multiple children seeking First Sacraments prep, one workbook will be sufficient. The Family Formation lessons at the Parish, the first Wednesday of the month, will hold a class for First Sacraments prep.
  • Homeschool & Catholic School Students: If you are not enrolling in Family Formation & First Sacrament Prep with SJB, but want your child to receive First Sacraments, please email with your child’s name, grade, school, and a copy of his/her Baptismal record which can be obtained through their parish of baptism.

Please send any questions to: